About us

Konstat biro d. o. o., is a key player in Slovenia’s construction market, and is also keeping up the work in construction markets abroad. The area of expertise in structural design include deep foundations, reinforced constructions, prestressed reinforced concrete constructions, steel constructions, wood constructions and composite structures. Involvement in preservation of our cultural heritage is seen through many renovation projects, many of wich include the use of ground penetrating radar and other non-destructive methods.

The goal is keeping up to date with the technological achievements worldwide and applying them in practice in it’s projects, thereby achieving the highest levels of modern construction. This is seen in a wide range of work; from hotels and offices to individual houses.

Established in 1994, by Edvard Štok udig., Konstat biro d. o. o. co-operates with a large number of architects and their offices in the effort to create new, modern constructions in Slovenija, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and in former Yugoslav republics.